Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Reflection Garden is looking good after the harsh winter. All four benches are in place, fresh mulch applied and some weeding/pruning attended to.  

In late June, the Wintergreen Women's Garden Group is going to tackle some weeds on the peripheral areas of the garden, which we are clearing out to enable the native plantings to thrive.  We have extended the entrance berm on the left and will be planting it soon.

Next up is a small area for remembering our mountain pets. It will be created this summer, and we will notify folks when it is ready. Any Wintergreen owner or former owner who would like to memorialize a specific pet (one whom enjoyed the mountain with their owner) can purchase a small engraved memory stone for placement in the pet area.  The Steering Committee will serve as points-of-contact for ordering memory stones. The cost will be $25.00. 

Reminder of who is on the Steering Committee - Marti Szczur, Chair; Cindy Coy, Treasurer; Pat Thompson, Lynn Luessen, Bob Scott, Jill Toop, Vera Jones, Georgia Orphan, and Sue Carlson.

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