Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Two of the benches have arrived!

Mark Mcquarry delivered the two new benches on Monday afternoon. He did a wonderful job of engraving, and they look wonderful. Bob, Vera, Pat and I identified initial spots for them (can always be repositioned if we like once all four benches are there.) 

Jill and George dropped off the Marker’s bench, so Mark McQuarry took it to be engraved as “donated by Barbara and Tom Marker” and then drove over to pick up Pat’s bench to be engraved in memory of Jan.  Once the exact wording for engraving is decided, Mark will engrave them and deliver to Garden. We are so lucky he has been able to support us on this.

The pines have become distressed from (I assume) lack of serious rain, so we gave them a good soak today.  Anyone want to volunteer to water again next week if we don’t get a good rain?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 2014 Garden Status

Entry stones were put in place today with help of Bob, Jill, Lynn, and Marti. The engraving came out great on rocks we had selected from Wintergreen mountain. King Custom Engraving in Stuart's Draft did the work for us.

King Custom Engraving will also engrave our memory stones for us.  Here is the stone that Bob Scott ordered in memory of Sarah. Reflection Garden memory stones for remembering deceased Wintergreen property owners and their family members, plus  Wintergreen employees can be ordered for $50 from the Steering Committee. If interested, please contact the Chair, Marti Szczur at szczurm@gmail.com.  

Our benches will be coming this fall. Mark McQuarry is creating two new benches for us and two other of his benches, owned by mountain folks, have been donated to the Garden.

Other than extending the left front entry berm to curve around the front a bit more, the Garden will go into winter rest mode.