Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A couple of berms planted just in time for the rain

Cindy knee deep in Wild Ginger

Thank you, Dave!

Joe with his river stones
Garden looking better day by day ... June 4, 2014

David Litchfield, our neighbor on Blackrock Circle, donated Black Cohosh plants for one of our berms.  Not only did he donated them, but dug them up from his yard and transplanted them at the Reflection Garden this afternoon.  Marti assisted and planted some ferns in front of the Black Cohosh. Also, she had some Christmas Ferns to transplant, and we placed them in the front berm. Wild Ginger Berm Captain Cindy was on-site planting ...guess what? ... Wild Ginger and some Columbine. Joe joined us to move some more of the river stone to the central area.  Except for possible refinement of the stone 'curves,' I'd say the center area is completed.

Go check out the dry stream bed that Lynn (does Larry get any credit for helping?) laid down in the front gully area. Looks great, Lynn!

Pat came by as Cindy and I were doing some weeding.  She came by to drop off buckets for our watering scheme and ended up joining us in the weeding frenzy.  We cleared the areas around the trees of some of the nasty weeds, leaving the Goldenrod and some other nice natives. Barely made a dent, but it's a start. A weeding party is in our future. :-)

I'm away from June 7-19.  Anyone who wants to plan a planting or weeding session, just feel free to put out a notice for volunteers.

Cindy, can I ask you to be the point of contact while I'm away?  Thanks!